UFO sighting

WHEN he saw three things in the night sky he described as “flying saucers”, Alf Preston did not cower or hide in fear.

Instead he stood on the upstairs balcony of his Lake Conjola home and waved to the unidentified flying objects.

The incident happened on Monday night of last week and was the second time in a week Mr Preston had seen UFOs.

The previous Wednesday he had been using his telescope to watch Venus about 10pm, when he saw two objects moving across from the north-north-west sky.

“I got a pretty good view of them,” he said.

“They kept going and going and going.”

Then on the Monday night he saw three objects “clear as a bell” flying low over Lake Conjola from the east-north-east between 9pm and 10pm, he said.

“They virtually came over my house,” he said.

Mr Preston said he and his daughter Kim both saw the objects he described as “flying saucers” because of their round shape, and as they travelled over his home he waved to them.

As they continued travelling he noticed red or orange lights on them, he said.

“They were clear and beautiful,” Mr Preston said.

“They’re magic to watch, magic to look at.

“I’ve been watching them since I was a kid,” Mr Preston said.

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