Surfers hit the big screen

LOCAL surfing talent is about to hit the big screen.

Ulladulla High School student Russell Bierke will be seen tackling big waves beside surfing legends including Kelly Slater and Alex Gray at the Arcadia Cinemas tomorrow (Thursday) night when The Journey and Encoded are shown as part of the Australia Surf Movie Festival.

And the highly anticipated locally made surfing movie Carpark Stories is about to have its world premiere on Friday night at AKWA Surf in Milton, which will re-open its doors at 6pm for the occasion.

Carpark Stories showcases local talents Brett Burcher who coordinated the project, along with Matt King, Russell Bierke, Scott Dennis and many more.

The movie is set to get the imagination wandering as it takes the audience on a journey among some of the most heaving surf the boys could find all around the globe.

Viewers will watch in awe as the guys prepare for surfing ridiculously bloodcurdling waves, and get up close and personal with the riders as they allow the audience a firsthand look at the sacrifice, danger and reward that goes into chasing these swells, including snippets of our local area.

People will also have a giggle as the team take two young grommets on their virgin surf trip away minus the presence of their parents.

Under 18 Australian Surfing Champion prodigy Matt King and part-Hawaiian, part-Aussie Russell Bierke are two young talents - one contest driven, the other big wave thirsty. 

The boys play pranks on them, apply a little harmless grommet abuse and watch them get up to mischief while they are away on the road, create a mini rivalry and watch as they surf crazy waves and push each other to levels unseen at that age division.

If you cannot make it to the premier the movies there will be screening at 8.15 pm on Friday February 14 and Monday February 17 at the Arcadia Cinemas. 

At Friday night’s premiere AKWA will also be screening Nature of the Beast, another new surf movie directed and filmed by Ulladulla resident Nigel Devenport, prior to Carpark Stories.  

The movie is set in the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca .

It is filmed over three years around the beaches of Puerto Escondido, also known as the Latin pipeline. 

Nature of the Beast features some of the world’s best big wave paddle surfers such as Rusty and Greg long, Derek Dunfee and Mark Healy. 

Devenport has been living on and off in Puerto Escondido for the past three years and is looking forward to showcasing some of the swells he has witnessed on this raw coastline. 

Just prior to the event AKWA will be holding a quick Q&A with the surf stars so audience members can get a bit of an understanding of the mindset it takes to tackle 20ft slabs.

The premiere is free entry and there is a raffle running on the night with fantastic prizes including a brand new surfboard, skateboards, wetsuits, plus there will be tons of free giveawayprizes on hand.

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