LETTER:  Stone sculpture stolen from grave


For the past nine months I have been regularly visiting the cemetery at Mollymook taking flowers to my husband’s grave.

I sometimes go there just to feel the peace that surrounds this beautiful place and often take our little black and white Shih Tzu dog, Rosie.

Although she is always on a lead she knows just where to go and heads straight to my husband’s grave. 

Many of the graves have an item of some special significance placed near the plaque.

I placed a hand painted stone sculpture of our little dog Rosie to look over his grave.

Rosie was his best friend and had helped him recover through many illnesses. 

To my horror on Wednesday, August 7 when I visited the grave, Rosie was missing. I can only presume some low life decided to take her.

There is no way it could have blown away or even move apart from being stuck to the headstone as it was too heavy. 

So if someone gives you a heavy stone painted black and white Shih Tzu dog with the artist’s name Sue Macintyre on the bottom you know where it has come from.

Whoever did this, you know where it came from so only you know where to put it back.

I forgive you, please have a heart and return it. 

Fay Kastelein 

Kings Point

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