Mogo Zoo cubs: Chitwa and Zuri welcomed into pride | Photos, pictures

One is playful, the other likes to pose for the camera; one hated being vaccinated on Wednesday morning, the other didn't care - but both have been an instant hit with the public at Mogo Zoo.

Lion cubs Chitwa and Zuri went on display this week in time for the school holidays. 

The 12-week-old African lion cubs proved a hit with visitors who waited patiently to see them on Wednesday morning. 

The zoo was a hive of energy as holiday makers made their way through the gates to see the newest residents. 

Chitwa is playful and doesn't mind knocking her sister out of the way. 

Zuri is lighter in colour and is happy lying in the sun and posing for the camera. 

They were kept entertained by a large bucket, which they rolled around and chewed.

Chitwa kept rolling over her sister, who did not seem to care.

Keepers said mum Snow had formed a particularly strong bond with her cubs.

Like any mum, she was anxious about her babies' vaccinations.

Snow became distressed, growling and pacing, when they were taken into a different enclosure, even though they were still in her sight. 

In-house zoo vet Sam Young gave the pair their 12-week immunization and microchipped them

As soon as the vaccinations were done, the cubs had a play and were reunited with mum, who was happy to have them back under her feet.  

The cubs are still suckling but are expected to be on solid foods by six months old. 

The pair can be expected to be seen playing with each other, but never too far away from mum. 

Zoo owner Sally Padey said the cubs were full of energy. 

Before being introduced to the pride last week, the cubs were introduced to dad, Mac.

Dr Young said Mac took well to the cubs, until they started to play with his tail.

Like every dad, there was only so much he could take.

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