Love, birthday and Valentine’s Day combine | photos

It’s the day of love and Manyana’s Jake and Katrina Bennett are celebrating both their upcoming anniversary and their daughter’s birthday on February 14.

The young couple met in 2012 at the Marlin Hotel and tied the knot last year on April 2 at Bendalong Boat Ramp.

Both Jake and Katrina grew up in the local region and were married before 60 of their closest family and friends. 

Their bridesmaids were Katrina’s sisters Gina Woodhouse and Rachael Rowbotham, her sister-in-law Ashleigh Williams and childhood friend Renee Edwards. 

Groomsmen were Luke McBride, Jake’s brothers Dylan Bennett and Corey Williams and friend Peter Nyboer. 

Katrina’s parents Estelle and Beau Rowbotham and Jake’s parents Kerry and Matt Williams and Paul Bennett helped the couple celebrate their special day. 

The pair held their reception at their Manyana home and kicked off the evening's festivities with a fun game. 

“Jake and I sat back to back and we each had a thong and a docs for Jake and we had someone read out some questions and we had to put a shoe up according to whether we disagreed or agreed,” Katrina said. 

“It was hilarious and got everyone laughing.”

Katrina said the wedding was a relaxed, enjoyable day. 

“It was lovely having our parents, our close friends and family there to help celebrate the next chapter in our lives – and I got to marry my best friend,’ she said. 

Katrina thanked photographer Sam Walklate capturing their big day. 

“He was just fantastic, he just captured those candid moments perfectly,” he said. 

The couple will celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as Mr and Mrs Bennett with a relaxed birthday party for daughter Isla. 

“All the family will come over and we’ll have cake and a barbecue for our daughter’s second birthday,” Katrina said. 

“Then we might go down to the beach with sparklers – it’ll be nice and cruisy.”