The future of council family day care in limbo

Shoalhaven Council is seeking feedback on the future of family day care services in the area. 

Shoalhaven Family Day Care is a council sponsored home-based early childhood education and care service that provides childcare in the homes of qualified educators. 

As part of the Shoalhaven City Council Draft Delivery and Operational Plan and Draft Budget, the council is seeking community input to help determine the future of the service as federal funding for this service will cease from July 1, 2018. 

Currently, the federal government provides the service with funding of approximately $136,000 per year to support the coordination of the service. Council also contributes funds to support the service.

Approximately 300 students attend the service, which involved 38 educators, throughout the electorate.

Educators are small business operators and parents are charged a childcare fee to use the service.

Educators and families also pay a levy which assists in supporting the coordination unit.

The service has actively supported local families for over 35 years.

Council is asking the community for feedback on the future of the service from July 1, 2018, when funding ceases. 

This will affect all ratepayers regardless of whether you use the service or not.  Ratepayers could be required to contribute further funding for the continuation of the service to ensure its sustainability.