Below par waves continue

G’day World, like melting butter on a warm crumpet is your appetizing Weekly Wash, keeping you informed with all the happenings in the surf locally and what has been moving and shaking on the pro tour.

Have you ever had a really annoying song that somehow entwined its irritating rhythm deep within your cranium and no matter how hard you try you always find yourself humming along with total nausea?

Well, this is how us surfers are feeling at the moment with another somewhat depressing week of below par waves. The most infuriating part of it though is we are now in the middle of what is supposedly the best time of year for us. Now I don't want to be negative because the forecast has some promise this coming week with a new south swell starting to develop on Thursday which is, at this stage, gifting us hopefully the most prevalent waves in nearly three months. 

Thursday showed quite a bit of promise as a 3-4ft swell presented itself to us salivating wave-starved surfers, so as you could possibly imagine the froth level was bubbling around like the hubba bubba factory. Two guys who chewed through a pretty fun session at Flatty was the father son team Mark and Clint Walker, with a bit of a ying-yang surf for the two guys.

Clint started off his surf with a bang with a couple of nice tubes and trademark backside belts while dad Mark sat further down the peak, picking off a few more random ones which didn't quite line up all the way. But as the tide rose the two surfers fortunes’ changed. For Clint it went demonic and expensive while Mark’s became enlightened and blissful. As Clint paddled into one of the thicker waves of the morning the ledge rose up and sent him head first into the cunjie and snapped his new board. Mark, on the other hand, stroked into a long winding wall which spun on the reef into a perfect tube where he sat deep, completely out of sight inside the wave’s womb to be spat out some 20m down the line with a smile bigger than a piano accordion.

Surfing can be dangerous at times, and even when the waves are hardly breaking the threat of damage to yourself and your equipment is always there. But when you walk over Mollymook beach and see a minuscule one-foot wave breaking with less force in it than a baby’s yawn you would be thinking you are pretty safe from disaster. But when you drop your guard is when bad things can happen.

Poor Matt "Reddog" Bryant found this out first-hand as he tried to surf the almost horizontal conditions on Monday and came unstuck in the shore where he ended up doing major damage to his ankle. Matt was heard screaming in agony and asked Emma Ashby – who was teaching him a trick or two in waves – if she could carry him to the hospital's emergency ward. Unfortunately the injury will leave him dry-locked for a spell. 

J'bay has started and this year the waves look to be the best in years. It's actually hard to pick anyone for the win this early in the tournament as all the high seeds surfed amazing. With conditions meant to pick at 8ft it’s one of the most exciting comps to watch, so keep your eye on the WSL website for all the action. Stay classy Milton Ulladulla and if anyone would like to add anything to this column either call into the home of surfing on the south coast AKWA surf, buzz us on 4454 5222 or email Til next week, stay wet.