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Budget can still be boujee

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING: The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is of sleek design and comes in two stunning colours, awesome blue and black. Photo: Supplied.

This is branded content for Samsung.

As the cost of living hampers the efforts of Australian's to get ahead financially, we've all become hyper aware of what we are spending and where we can save.

Technology was once considered a luxury but now our lives are totally immersed in it, and we rely on it to connect, work, entertain ourselves and learn. How can we sacrifice such a necessary expense?

Enter Samsung.

Samsung is an innovation leader in the mobile tech space and have converged a lot of said innovation into the budget friendly sector, opening a whole new universe of opportunities to budget conscious shoppers with the Samsung Galaxy A Series range.

We're living in the 21st century where consumer's demand more from their tech, regardless of budget, and Samsung has delivered.

Walk into a telco store anywhere and tell them your budget of well under $1000 - you previously would have received an unenthusiastic nod towards some mediocre compromise of a smartphone. Now, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy A Series - and in particular, the standout Samsung Galaxy A53 5G model that retails for just $699- even experts are impressed. Let's see why.

CAPTURE EVERYTHING: The Samsung A53 5G has a multi-lens camera with a macro and ultra-wide lens. Photo: Supplied.

Features, fun and functionality

We are living in the age of the side hustle, where creators, innovators, movers and shakers are empowered to make real impact within the world.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G supports these ambitions, with a multitude of features conducive to ultimate creativity.

There's the multi-lens camera, including a macro and ultra-wide lens, capable of capturing even the finest details.

Content creators can view their images in cinematic vibrancy, on the FHD+ Super AMOLED display, complete with outdoor visibility - meaning they can work on the go, without the need to upload, view and edit images on the desktop.

Samsung Galaxy users enjoy built-in filters, portrait lighting effects and the ability to erase unwanted objects from photos, a handy feature that even some of the smartest design programs haven't yet mastered.

Automatic photo enhancing with AI technology and bokeh effects naturally highlight the features that make faces beautifully distinctive.

Social media users will appreciate this built in enhancement, cancelling the need for clunky editing apps to bring their photos to life.

BEST PHOTOS FORWARD: Automating photo enhancing using AI technology voids the need for additional editing apps. Photo: Supplied.

Goes the distance, in a timely manner

Your tech shouldn't limit your adventures, but with constraints on battery life it sometimes does.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G has up to two days of battery life* so adventures are rarely cut short and candid moments are never missed.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about efficiency, and rightly so. With the pressures to perform and all the modern day hype over productivity, you can't risk lost time.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G seeks to streamline work and study, with a fast 5nm Octa core processor and 5G connection to keep users united and digital assets shareable, instantly.

TECH DEMOCRACY: The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G starts at $699, providing wide-spread accessibility to this feature-dense smart phone. Photo: Supplied.

Not just a pretty face

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G flaunts a sleek design, complimented in awesome blue or black. But its pleasing aesthetics are just the beginning.

With functionality at its core, the Galaxy A53 5G features a slim-line body making it a convenient side-kick that is both symmetric and durable.

Gorilla Glass 5 paired with water and dust resistance** ensure an element of toughness that can withstand active and full lifestyles, without the need to tone it down just to protect your tech.

Probably one of technology's greatest pain points is the common inability to store all of life's memories and moments, and it becomes tedious having to choose which ones to delete.

But Samsung Galaxy users aren't subjected to this issue, with a huge 123GB of internal storage and the option to ramp this up with a microSD card of up to 1TB.

It's clear that the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G provides savvy shoppers more bang for buck, but it also protests the notion that smart tech is for the affluent. The Samsung Galaxy series is upholding tech democracy, reinforcing that awesome is for everyone.

This is branded content for Samsung.

*Estimated against the usage profile of an average/typical user based on independent third party testing. Actual battery life varies.

**The Galaxy A53 5G provides ingress protection (IP67) against dust and fresh water to a maximum of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Please refer to the user manual for further information including care/use instructions.