Good behaviour bond for man with ‘disgusting’ driving record

A 23-year-old Ulladulla man has been placed on a six month good behaviour bond in Milton Local Court on March 16. 

Curtis Ronald Hardaker plead guilty to driving on a cancelled license. He was placed on a section 10(1)(b) bond but will not have a conviction recorded. 

Hardaker told the court he didn’t realise his license was still cancelled when he drove. 

“I’d lost my license for DUI and just before Christmas I want to the RTA to register my car and the RTA lady told me the disqualification had finished,” he said. 

Magistrate Gabriel Flaming told the court Hardaker’s driving record was not good. 

“You’ve got a neg drive in 2012, no p-plates in 2012, exceed speed limit, demerit point warning, pay no fine, fine default suspension, speeding and driving with an illicit substance,” she said. 

“How would you describe that driving record?,” Magistrate Fleming asked Hardaker. 

“I say that’s bad,” Hardaker replied. 

Magistrate Fleming said it was a little worse than ‘bad’ and warned him against future offences. 

“That traffic record is nothing short of disgusting,” she said. 

“I want you to remember that feeling of shock today when I said for this offence you can go to jail for two years.”

According to police facts Hardaker was stopped by police on February 12 on the Prince Highway, Milton. 

Police checks revealed he was disqualified from driving, starting on November 12.